ParticleFieldTypes.h File Reference
#include <spatialops/SpatialOpsConfigure.h>
#include <spatialops/SpatialOpsDefs.h>
#include <spatialops/structured/SpatialField.h>
#include <spatialops/structured/IndexTriplet.h>
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struct  SpatialOps::Particle::ParticleFieldTraits
 defines type traits for particle fields More...


typedef SpatialField< ParticleFieldTraits > SpatialOps::Particle::ParticleField
 defines a ParticleFieldNote that ParticleField objects should not have any structure associated with them. They are simply treated as an array of values.

Detailed Description

Particle fields are dimensioned by the number of particles. They are distinctly different types than fields on the underlying mesh, and we must define operators to move between particle fields and mesh fields.

Definition in file ParticleFieldTypes.h.