SpatialOps::BitField Class Reference

Implements a mask as a bitfield. More...

#include <BitField.h>

Public Member Functions

 BitField (const std::vector< IntVec > &points, const MemoryWindow &window, const GhostData &ghosts)
 Construct a BitField. More...
 BitField (const BitField &other)
 Shallow copy constructor. This results in two masks that share the same underlying memory.
bool operator() (const IntVec &point) const
 Given an index in this mask, return whether or not index is a mask point. WARNING: slow! NOTE: Not supported for external mask types.
const_iterator begin (const MemoryWindow &window) const
 Iterator constructs for traversing memory windows. Note: Iteration is not directly supported for external mask types.

Detailed Description

Implements a mask as a bitfield.

BitField is designed to be used within SpatialMask. In general, it is better to use SpatialMask than BitField directly.

Related classes:

Definition at line 246 of file BitField.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BitField()

SpatialOps::BitField::BitField ( const std::vector< IntVec > &  points,
const MemoryWindow window,
const GhostData ghosts 

Construct a BitField.

points- the points in the mask
window- the window to build
ghosts- the ghost information

Definition at line 349 of file BitField.h.

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