SpatialOps::MatVecOp< DotProduct< FieldT > > Class Template Reference

Specialization which doesn't use FieldT::operator =( ... ) More...

#include <MatVecOps.h>

Public Member Functions

 MatVecOp (const LeftT &left, const RightT &right)
void eval (FieldT *const result) const
 grabs lhs pointer and launches operator

Detailed Description

template<typename FieldT>
class SpatialOps::MatVecOp< DotProduct< FieldT > >

Specialization which doesn't use FieldT::operator =( ... )

For the other operators, we overload the = operator to grab a pointer to the lhs. This specialization grabs the pointer without altering the existing SpatialField.h code. While prototyping this prevents injection of bugs into existing code.

Definition at line 412 of file MatVecOps.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MatVecOp()

template<typename FieldT >
SpatialOps::MatVecOp< DotProduct< FieldT > >::MatVecOp ( const LeftT &  left,
const RightT &  right 
rightgrabs pointers for rhs

Definition at line 418 of file MatVecOps.h.

References SpatialOps::BinaryMatOp< OpT >::eval().

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