SpatialOps::OneSidedStencil3< OpDir, Offset > Struct Template Reference

Support for one-sided stencils. More...

#include <OneSidedOperatorTypes.h>

Public Types

typedef OpDir DirT
 The orientation of the stencil (IndexTriplet)

Detailed Description

template<typename OpDir, typename Offset = IndexTriplet<0,0,0>>
struct SpatialOps::OneSidedStencil3< OpDir, Offset >

Support for one-sided stencils.

Template Parameters
OpDirthe unit vector (a IndexTriplet) that indicates the direction of offset for the stencil.
Offset(optional) the offset for the stencil. <0,0,0> (default) results in a one-sided stencil that computes into the first stencil point. <1,0,0> would offset the stencil so that it effectively computes into the <-1,0,0> point.

Definition at line 82 of file OneSidedOperatorTypes.h.

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